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Sandy Maggio


Jewelry Artisian & Silversmith

As a metalsmith, I design and fabricate jewelry from precious metals and gems.  In my studio I use raw materials such as sterling silver sheet metal, silver wire and PMC to create each individual piece.

I hand make every component, from hammering and forging the metals to soldering the bezels and setting the stones. I make my own molds from vintage medals and pins and then recast the piece in silver to use as medallions or pendants. I also incorporate freshwater pearls, precious and semi-precious gems and agates to make every item one of a kind.

You can see more of my work in my facebook gallery or on Pinterest.



For jewelry artisan and silversmith Sandy Maggio, its always about the metal. Manipulating the shape, texture and patina of metal into something different and beautiful to hold new meaning. Hammering, forging, soldering, or casting silver into the unique designs she envisions is the strength of her work. Maggio’s jewelry has an underlying edge and toughness that can only be described as custom wearable art.

Her jewelry line consists of one of a kind pieces that allow the wearer to make a bold statement. She fabricates each piece in her own distinctive style, often using text and symbolism in intricate detail. Every item is handcrafted in her studio using raw materials such as sterling silver, fine silver, precious and semi-precious gemstones. To compliment each series she occasionally embellishes with gold, bronze, vintage pieces, or elements found in nature.

Considering herself a metalsmith, first and foremost, Maggio is also an award winning artist in other mediums as well, including painting and mixed media work.

This designer, well known for her memorial jewelry, also welcomes commissioned work.

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